Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nashville Part II

“The quality of food is in inverse proportion to a dining room's altitude, especially atop bank and hotel buildings (airplanes are an extreme example).” ~ Brian Miller (Food writer and former New York Times restaurant critic)

One of life's great pleasures is staying in a world-class hotel. An extension of this, for excellent hotel's in your own town and for those who would rather dispense with their wealth by other means, is spending copious amounts of time in the hotels' bars and sometimes restaurants (I can't wholeheartedly endorse all great restaurant's dining options). This was the inspiration for today's quote which I have, using the Scientific Method, repeatedly confirmed, for when views are the primary attraction the food certainly suffers. I should have given up on dining in the clouds a long time ago, but seem to tempt the fates once or twice a year only to lose again.

The hotel on which I wish to lavish praise is The Hermitage Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. I have previously written about the pleasures of The Oak Bar located beneath the hotel in what some might refer to as a basement. This my friend's is, as Mr. Miller suggests, an indication of the fine quality of the bar and adjacent restaurant.

I have now had the pleasure of staying at The Hermitage several times with increasing frequency and now have begun to be recognized by the staff, who have proven it is possible to exceed their already impeccable service by greeting you by name at almost every turn.

I took a few pictures of the room during my last stay to share as the hotel does not provide quite enough pictures to really satisfy.

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