Thursday, January 1, 2009

Green Queen

A photo of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II next to one of her Bentley Limousines.

I must start with a simple admission, I love H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. I find her fascinating and an inspirational figure even while the majority of my generation finds her and the very notion of a monarchy wholly old-fashioned. It's the very old-fashioned-ness of the institution that I find so satisfying during times of great uncertainty and change.

That said the Monarchy has been attempting to reinvent itself for the better part of the last half-century. I think that most attempts have been largely ineffective bordering on silly. But one that I have whole-heartedly embraced is the greening of the monarchy pushed for in large part by Prince Charles, a long time environmentalist.

The latest news on the Monarchy's green initiative is that the Queen is having her two Bentley limousines re-fitted to run on bio-fuels, most likely produced on Her Majesty's estates. It should be noted that Prince Charles has done this with an assortment of automobiles including a vintage Aston Martin.

For Bentley's part they are planning a launch of what they are calling "eco-efficient" cars in 2012.


Pigtown-Design said...

I am 100% with you on your admiration of HM.

Things That Inspire said...

Yes, another kindred spirit here. My mother was British (she is gone now, but never became an American citizen despite living in the US for 35 years +), and I visit the UK every year. One time, when my children and I were waiting in line to see the crown jewels, I almost burst into tears when watching the footage of the royal family through the years (which makes the wait much more manageable) - I feel such a connection to England and the royal family.

columnist said...

Prince Charles's Aston Martin runs on wine, not sure how that works, but I imagine it's not Chateau Lafitte 1974.